Beaware of the Fool’s day!

People! this is the 1st April, so

Don't get fooled, by the fools, celebrating the fool's day.

I think this Fool's day is a morally degrading celebration. Although, some people may want to call it as pure fun, but i guess there are other ways of having fun, rather than fooling people with hoaxes. Sometimes it can even be fatal!

So I guess people with higher moral values, will stop celebrating this stupid day, in this ridiculous fashion.  Come on people, you can do better!

2 comments on “Beaware of the Fool’s day!”

  1. I believe a non-fetal fun is not a problem.

    Although, I might want to change the name to "April Fun Day", instead of the "April Fool's Day". So, at least we agree on something: the name is demoralizing.

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