Facebook Spam | Trojan | Virus - posing as plugin installer

A new form of Spam | Trojan | Virus, posing as Flash or other plugin installer - originated from Facebook Friend Feed. It posts spam on your and your friends' wall and also have the ability to affect your computer.

People, there is a new attack site or link (originated from Facebook) with the following patternĀ  (emphasize on point 3 below, posing as Flash or other Plugin installer):

  1. It is posted on your friend feed because one or more of your friend's PC was attacked. (BTW, it may appear on your wall, even if you didn't click - in case the compromised friend of yours has the access to post on your wall. This normally happens through tagging. When the virus posts on your friend's wall, it may also tag you. So it will appear on your wall too. So if you fear that one or some of your friends FB account is compromised, then temporarily disallow him/them to post on your wall from Facebook privacy setting)
  2. Once you click the link, if you're logged-in on Facebook, it will post the same crap from your profile.
  3. You are logged in or not, in either case, it will try to play a video after that, and after a few seconds, it will say
    "Plug-in not installed, click to install plugin" - or something similar.
    It looks something similar, when your browser doesn't have Flash player installed.
  4. When you click this, it'll download and try to install an exe file which is actually some sort of Trojan | virus.

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Update your Adobe Flash Player for more Security & Stability

Adobe fixed a critical security issue in Flash Player on February 4, 2014. Update Flash Player Plugin if you haven't recently to ensure Security of your PC!

Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player

According to Flash Player Release Notes Adobe has released a Priority 1 Security & Stability Update on April 14, 2015.

If you haven't updated your Flash Player after April 14, 2015, please do so from here:


** Always check and confirm that your browser address bar is pointing to adobe.com before you download the installer.

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Facebook Message Virus alert! Suspicious Private Message with .zip attachment

Facebook Virus Security alert - Suspicious inbox message from friend(s) or others, with a zip file attached, containing harmful jar file inside.

Facebook Virus Alert! A Facebook message virus (or SPAM) is spreading fast!

Few days ago I received a private message in my Facebook inbox from a friend that looks like this:

are you ******* serious??? Why did you upload this?
Screenshot: are you ****ing serious??? Why did you upload this?
Screenshot of the Suspicious Message

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