Bloom Box - the new wow factor in Green Energy.

A new Green Energy concept.

A U.S. based company has recently unveiled a new Green Energy source that is both cheap and efficient; And what more? -  It is supposed to transfer the energy wireless! They named the devise as Bloom Energy Server. Is this the long waited breakthrough in green and efficient energy source technology? Is this alternative to our petroleum dependence?

There is a video in cbsnews site, along with an article discussing just that. Cbs is calling it the "Magic Bloom Box!" Although, the original company likes to call it as "Bloom Energy Server".

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Amazing Adobe Photoshop CS5 with content aware fill

Images editing became even easier in Photoshop CS5, see How.

How many times you've looked at a photograph and thought that if some particular junk was not there in the image, then it would be a masterpiece, or at least an excellent art work! And then, you wasted hours with your graphics editing software , only to find out that it was going to take lot more than just few hours of work. Well, watch the YouTube video below, I think the good old days are gone!

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