About Me

Me with my beloved red green Flag of Bangladesh.
Me in the inset of beloved red-green Bangladesh Flag.

I am a Programmer | Full Stack Web Developer | WordPress Plugin Developer | SEO Hobbyist | Online Privacy & Cyber Security Enthusiast | Born Critic | Student of Science & Knowledge in general and I have some other identities too; but above all, I am a Human Being.

So just like you, interesting things happen in my everyday life. I do things that are important and things that are silly and I learn a lot from my mistakes. I spend hours behind problems just to produce the perfect solution, some I find out on the web & the rest I solve myself  🙂

In this blog you will know some of my thoughts, and obviously solutions to problems I've worked  out. Hopefully some of it will be useful to you.

11 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Greetings for you,

    Bro I need to talk about php scripts which I want to take online coaching from you. please reply me are you interested in it...

    1. Hi Mahesh,

      Greetings to you too. Currently I'm very busy with my work, so I'll not be able to do any one-on-one coaching.
      However, you may try Udemy. They have some good online courses on PHP.

      All the best.

  2. Salam Brother,

    Your blog was helpful to me...do the good work may ALLAH bless you n your family...


    1. Yes Kevin, for that you'll have to look at my reply.
      See the thumbnail? That's me 🙂 -->>

      No photo tab yet in my site. So for now, only my FaceBook friends can see me :). Photo tab is coming soon. Although I have no idea how long "soon" will take in this case.

    1. Was Salam Imran vai.

      Yes, there will be Philosophy! The thing about Philosophy is, it's like the Quality factor in Software Engineering. It cannot be made separately, instead it will be built with everything.

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