Bloom Box - the new wow factor in Green Energy.

A new Green Energy concept.

A U.S. based company has recently unveiled a new Green Energy source that is both cheap and efficient; And what more? -  It is supposed to transfer the energy wireless! They named the devise as Bloom Energy Server. Is this the long waited breakthrough in green and efficient energy source technology? Is this alternative to our petroleum dependence?

There is a video in cbsnews site, along with an article discussing just that. Cbs is calling it the "Magic Bloom Box!" Although, the original company likes to call it as "Bloom Energy Server".

There are still many skepticism within the scientists community about the device but according to the CBS video it apparently works. Not just that, even companies like Google, FedEx, eBay are already using them and saving $$ in thousands!  To my understanding, most people will be surprised about it's being wireless. However, having some understanding of electricity and magnetism, to me the wireless thing is not that unbelievable. Besides, we get all the energy from our sun wireless, don't we? So whether it's the magic of light, electricity or magnetism; the conclusion is: it's very possible.

So, to me the main wonder of it is: being efficient and cheap. I mean we all know, in terms of energy source, efficiency is always inversely proportional to the cost involved. This is true for all sorts of  human generated energy until now (don't tell me energy cannot be generated, I know it can only be converted from an unusable state to another usable state, at least according to today's science) .

Anyway, I really wish they can do it as they are saying.

In 2-5 years they are supposed to sell these "Bloom  Boxes" under $3000 per cell, each of which is able to power 4/6 average Indian houses 24/7.

Wow, I guess the electricity problem of the third world countries like Bangladesh is solved, along with the rest of the world!

For more info. visit their Official Site.

Update: Watch the cnet video to get an idea about how it works. It's amazing how they are creating those Fuel Cells just from sand.

4 thoughts on “Bloom Box - the new wow factor in Green Energy.”

    1. Well as I said, if the technology really works as they've suggested, then we can hope to get it within the next 5 years.

      That's before 2020, so I guess at least some part of vision 2020 of Sheikh Hasina is going to be fulfilled, LOL.

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