My new Toy Chopper!

My Remote Control helicopter toy.

Yes, you saw it right! It's about my new RC (Remote Control) Toy Chopper.

If you see the full video, then you'll notice that I've crashed it quite a few times. Well, it's not that I'm a bad pilot. It's just that I had to hold the remote on one hand and my camera phone on the other, to make the video. But, that's not my point.  I mean, the bug is really resilient! That's what makes it more interesting. It's so well crash protected. Not like Windows. LOL.

Actually, I've bought this few days ago for my nephew. He is attending in SSC Board Exam 2010 and I thought I'd give him a gift that will ease the pressure before the exam. I know, it's Unconventional. But, that's what I am. I don't believe in most conventional systems, at least not when they are based on no good reasons.

Any ways, after couple of days he actually crashed it, so I had to bring it home for repairing. I've made a few modifications after that, and now it's more resilient than ever. Needless to say, my nephew is very exited about it and so am I :). I've even planned to enhance the control by tweaking the circuit and so much more! And guess what, after Goggling a little, I've even found a nice post that describes how to tweak the maneuvering controls. Although, I'm not sure I'll get enough time to do all that.  But you know, as always, I've already outlined so many plans inside my head. Let's see what happens.

8 thoughts on “My new Toy Chopper!”

  1. 😀 You had a blog post on this! ... That toy chopper really gave me such a boost before the exam! .. pressure well eased 😀
    PS. Your Unconventional ways are the best mama. 🙂

  2. good luck with ur plans vaia..hopefully it will also remain as a plan like ur 1000 other plans:P..and one wrong info...priththy didn't crash was mostofa

    1. I think there will be two more zeroes (100000 other plans) 🙂

      .. you never know, may be some other day I'll give another post with my successful implementation, and you are right, it's my brother in law (দুলাভাই), who crashed it, not my nephew.

  3. ভাবি বাসায় ছিলনা ? ঐ জন্যই ...
    আমারতো মনে হয় আপনিই বেশি মজা পাইছেন !

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