How to run PHP Program for the first time? use XAMPP.

Easiest way to start PHP: Run PHP program in XAMPP

How to run PHP Program in XAMPP

To begin Programming in PHP, almost everyone is faced with this simple but obvious question:

How to run PHP Program for the first time? What's the easiest way?

Answer: The easiest way to run a PHP Program for the first time is using the software bundle named XAMPP:

XAMPP works well in all the major platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.

You don't have to install Apache, PHP and MySQL separately, in fact, it is often difficult for beginners to install these bundles separately and combine them to run PHP CODE. XAMPP does that for you with just a few clicks.

Before you install XAMPP, you may have to uninstall existing Apache and MySQL installations, especially if they were installed as a service.

After you install XAMPP,

  1. Open any Text Editor.
    Install new if you don't already have any good Text Editor installed. (My Favorite is Sublime Text & Notepad++)
  2. Write the following PHP Program / CODE in the Text Editor:
    echo 'I know how to run a PHP Program in XAMPP! <br />';
    This is test.php File.
  3. Save the file in XAMPP Installation Directory \ Web Root Directory
    Note-1: Default XAMPP Installation Directory in Windows is C:\xampp
    Note-2: Default Web Root Directory in XAMPP is htdocs. All your php files will have to be in this htdocs folder.
    That means, for a typical installation of XAMPP in Windows, you will have to save the PHP CODE in C:\xampp\htdocs folder.
  4. When you save the file, name it test.php (just as an example, any valid file name with .php in the end will work).
    Note: when you save this file, make sure it has no .txt extension at the end. Some text editors place .txt at the end of file name, so it becomes test.php.txt instead of test.php. To avoid this, when you save the file using any text editor, place double quote around the file name: e.g. "test.php"
  5. Then, go to XAMPP installation folder (typically, C:\xampp) and run xampp-control.exe by double clicking it.
  6. In the xampp-control window, click the start button beside Apache. Later, if you need other options like MySQL, you'll also have to start MySQL by clicking the start button beside MySQL in the XAMPP control Panel.
    Note: if your OS hides common file extensions, then you'll see xampp-control, instead of xampp-control.exe
  7. Now, in your web browser's address bar, type the address: http://localhost/test.php

If your test PHP file is working properly, then you should see the following two lines in your browser:

I know how to run a PHP Program in XAMPP!
This is test.php File.

If PHP is NOT working (but the web server Apache is working), in that case only the following one line result will appear:

This is test.php File.

If none of the above is happening, then you are doing something wrong somewhere else.

So now you know how to run PHP Program in XAMPP. Happy Coding :)

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35 thoughts on “How to run PHP Program for the first time? use XAMPP.”

  1. Thanks for the information. I wanted to start web development using PHP.

    But, It gave me a headache when I tried to install Apache, PHP and MySQL all together. Also, I heard sometimes you need the matching versions of those software to work together properly.

    XAMPP saved the day! Now I can easily follow web development tutorials in my off time.

  2. i am working now on xampp wap server sql database, and i am tring to rum php code in xamp but i can't find place to coding php script and run.please help me anyone.

  3. Hello

    Thanks its working.

    Can you please explain in which scenario will this happen:

    If PHP is NOT working (but the web server Apache is working), in that case only the following one line result will appear:

    This is test.php File.

    What do you mean by PHP not working.

    1. Apache is the web server, so even without installing PHP (which is the backend language interpreter) web server will work. So in the event that you didn't install PHP properly or failed to configure it, web server will still serve the file, but it will fail to produce any result from your PHP CODE. So output will be everything that is not enclosed in PHP tag.

  4. Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly.
    10:33:40 PM [Apache] This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies,
    10:33:40 PM [Apache] improper privileges, a crash, or a shutdown by another method.
    10:33:40 PM [Apache] Press the Logs button to view error logs and check
    10:33:40 PM [Apache] the Windows Event Viewer for more clues

      1. Most likely case is you are running Skype in port 80
        Web server runs on port 80 as well.

        Or perhaps, your firewall is blocking port 80. Google for more information.

  5. iam new to xampp now installed xampp how can create login.php file by using xampp and how can i open in xampp please help me iam very new to this

  6. I have installed xampp and its running properly when I run as an admin. But when i type localhost in the address bar, it shows network error as follows:
    "Network Error (dns_unresolved_hostname)
    Your requested host "localhost" could not be resolved by DNS.
    For assistance, contact your network support team."
    Kindly provide me with a solution.

    1. Hi Priya,

      Instead of localhost, try this in your browser:

      If this works, after replacing "localhost" with then I know exactly what the problem is. Let me know about the result.

      If this doesn't work, then I don't know what the problem is. Need more information about your operating system in that case.

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